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Executive Head Teacher: Mrs H McLaughlin

Assistant Head Teacher: Mrs S Briggs

Senior Teacher: Mr.A.Searson

Safeguarding Officers: Mrs S Briggs (Safeguarding Lead) Mrs A Glossop (Safeguarding Deputy)

SENCO: Mrs S Briggs



FS2:  Miss S Cooper

Year 1:   Mrs R Beckett

Year 2:   Mr A Searson

Year 3:   Mrs Wardman

Year 4:   Mrs L Butler and Miss D Cutler

Year 5:   Miss H Casey

Year 6:   Mrs A Smith  


Pastoral Manager: Mrs A Glossop

Learning Community Director of Finance:  

Office Staff: Mrs S Firth (Administrative Officer) and Mrs L Hallam (School Finance Manager)

Learning Community Chaplain: Mrs A Reynolds

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs S Mapplebeck

Mrs S Boden

Mrs M Hague

Mrs L Owen

Mrs J Chadfield

Mrs T Holden

Mrs J.Edwards


Mr Seddons

Miss M Johnson

Kitchen Staff:

Mrs S Shaw - Cook

Mrs J Willyeo

School Meal Supervisors:

Miss C Stokes

Miss M Johnson

Miss S Ashley

Breakfast Staff

Mrs J Chadfield

Mrs Whitehouse

Mrs Bragg

Specialist Teacher

Andrea Barlow

Speech and Language

Vicky Roberts

Education Welfare Officer

Educational Psychologist

Lynne Kaye

Sports Coach

Mr S Rockett