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Class Teacher: Mr Searson

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Chadfield

PE Days: Monday and Tuesday

Homework Days: NA

Our Class Blog If you want to find out more about our class then please take a look at our blog via the button to the left. You’ll see photos of us at work and play and find out loads of class info! Curriculum Y2 Art knowledge organiser Autumn 2.pdf

Art Knowledge Organiser [Autumn 2 2019]

Y2 Geography knowledge organiser Autumn 2.pdf

Geography Knowledge Organiser [Autumn 2 2019]

Y2 Science knowledge organiser Autumn 2.pdf

Science Knowledge Organiser [Autumn 2 2019]

2 ART KNOWLEDGE ORGANISER - once upon a castle.pdf

Art Knowledge Organiser [Spring 1 2020]


History Knowledge Organiser [Spring 1 2020]

DT knowledge organiser - bird box.pdf

DT Knowledge Organiser - Bird Box [Summer 1 2020]

Science knowledge organiser - plants and habitats Deep dark woods.pdf

Science Knowledge Organiser [Summer 1 2020]