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Year 2 - Miss Casey












Year 2 have settled in to the new school year really well! We have been straight into our Wishing Tale in writing, place value in maths and learning all about Movers and Shakers in our History topic. We have even had a special visitor from With Me In Mind who came to ease our worries with the story of Little Bear. We are feeling ready to tackle the year ahead! 

In English, we have innovated the story of Gorilla by Anthon Browne. We brought in our own teddies and considered what actions we could do with them. In maths, we have continued exploring place value and recognising numbers as words. In art, we have looked at various pieces and thought about the primary and secondary colours that they have used and how they make us feel. 

This week in science, we have considered what a healthy diet looks like and tried to sort a range of foods into different categories. In maths, we have been comparing numbers using greater than and less than. In PE we have been practising our balancing skills and tried really hard to mirror our partner's pose! 

In art we learned about mixing colours in our Mix It project. We applied our knowledge of colour mixing to create secondary colours from primary colours. We also learnt about the artist Vincent Van Gogh and how artists can use colours to create feelings. 

These are our paintings inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night. Can you see how we mixed colours?






In English we have been learning about recounts and story writing. We had fun retelling the key events in the story The Knight Who Wouldn't Fight. We then added our own characters and creatures to innovate and write our own fear stories.










In Science we have been learning about animal survival and micro-habitats. We explored the school grounds in Forest School and went on a bug hunt. 








In RE we remembered all those who have lost their lives in wars. It is also Catholic month of remembrance so we remembered all those we have lost in our prayers. 

We have also been learning about Baptism and the symbols of baptism. 



Our new art project is learning about still life.... we learned drawing skills such as adding texture to our drawings and making outlines. We looked closely at shapes and composition of objects. We also learned about foreground and background. 








Year Two have continued our project learning about significant people from History. We have recently been learning about chronology and the passgae of time. We created timelines. We have learned about the famous explorers Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. We are also learning about famous activists and how they changed the world. 

  You can learn more about significant people from history by clicking on the photograph below. It will take you to the BBC Bitesize History page. Can you create a poster about a significant person for homework? Bring it into school and share it with your classmates.

                                                    Click on the image above to go to BBC History

We held a significant person dress up day. We came to school dressed as our favourite significant person. We researched facts about them at home and then taught all our classmates about why our character is significant and what they had achieved that was so important to the world!

Here are some of our significant people...we had scientists, activists, kings and queens, artists and Prime Ministers. 

Here are some more significant people... can you guess who they are and why they're significant?


As part our school inter faith curriculum we have been learning all about Hinduism. We learned all about how Hindus pray at the Mandir and at home. We also explored what happens at a Hindu wedding by holding our own Hindu wedding in the classroom! We had a great day.... We held a procession into the wedding party with music and the groom. 

We held a ceremony under the Mendap canopy, the bride and groom were presented with gifts and then we held some rituals and activities such as moving nuts into a box by using only our feet! It was great fun. The more nuts the bride and groom collect in the box the more prosperous their marriage will be.

The bride and groom walk around a sacred fire singing a mantra or prayer for their families. Then there is a huge party with music, food and fun!

This is us enjoying some Indian dancing to Bangra music and enjoying our Indian feast! There was no meat as Hindus are vegetarians.

























                          You can find out more about Hinduism by visiting BBC Bitesize - Click HERE! 















Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas as we enter Advent. We have been learning all about the Annunciation when the Angel Gabriel visited Mary. We also learned about the visitation when Mary went to tell her cousin Elizabeth that she was having a baby.


Find out more about Advent at the BBC Bitesize pages - Click on the picture of our classroom Altar to visit the Advent page information. 





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