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FS2 - Miss Cooper



In RE this week we have learned all about another faith called Buddhism. We attended a whole school assembly to learn facts from special Buddhist visitors. We practised being calm and meditating to the sound of a tanpura, dressed up in Buddhist clothes and had a try and writing in Sanskrit

Antibulliyng Week & Odd Socks Day

For Antibullying week this year our main theme focused on kindness and what it means to be kid to others. We created a tree of kindness, acted out different scenarios to show how we can be kind and caring towards others and we wore and designed our own odd pair of socks to highlight out indifferences. 

Week 2 

Something we discovered on Friday 11th November was the reason why everyone is wearing a small red flower called a 'Poppy'. We now know and understand that the Poppy stands as a symbol for all those who sacrificed their lives at war. We held our two minutes of silence at 11am whilst listening to the last post. 

Week 1 

This weeks focus has centred around Autumn. We explored Autumn by going on a scavenger hunt around the school grounds to see what we could find. We had a pretend bonfire at the 'Forest School Classroom' and talked about fire safety. In the classroom we created Autumn artwork in different ways and some super colourful firework pictures with oil pastels. Some of us were also expert shoppers and assistants in our new 'Asda' role play. 

Autumn 2

This half term Foundation Stage have lots of exciting learning to do. In History we will be looking at technology and how machines and vehicles have changed over time; Bonfire night and Remembrance Day. In DT we will be creating a pop up Christmas card and in Science we will be exploring and observing seasonal changes from Autumn through to Winter. We also have some learning about showing kindness towards others, Buddism, Christmas, Baptism, a nativity play and lots more. It's going to be a busy few weeks!

Week 6

In music this week, foundation worked really hard to perform the song 'pat a cake'. Check out our performance by clicking the link: 

Week 5

This week we had fun learning together to develop the muscles in our fingers, practise sorting, matching and comparing and writing lots of letters that we have been learning in phonics lessons!


Welcome Mass

This week we had a very special morning. It was a special 'Welcome Mass' as we are new to our school. The whole school joined and even our families were watching us as we received our special candle. It said, "Welcome to St Joseph's, May your light shine brightly." 

Week 4

We had a fun time doing the Conga with Mrs Holden. We do this at playtime on the big playground when Mrs Holden takes out her loud speaker. Here is the link for the song: 

It really helps us to move in different ways, to listen and to follow instructions.

Week 3

This week in maths we have focused our learning and activities around sorting into two different groups. We made our own sorting rules and guessed the sorting rules and patterns of other children. Some of us also sub sorted within the two groups. We also matched objects well and designed our own matching pairs of socks. We have also completed lots of activities to help us with our fine motor skills.


This week was our first week all in together as a whole class. We stayed all day everyday and practised using our knife and fork, carrying our tray, having super table manners and clearing away after ourselves. Great job Foundation Stage!

Week 1

Foundation have had a wonderful week settling in, getting to know each other and exploring their new environment. Our topic for this half term is all focused around ourselves, exploring who we are, where we live, developing our personal skills and to help us with our communication. So far we are all having a wonderful time at big school!

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