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FS2 - Miss Cooper


Summer Term 1 
This half terms project teaches children about the animals that live around the world, how to look after animals and the importance of caring for our local and global environments. This project also has a companion project with a science focus. This mini project teaches children about invertebrates that live in their gardens and local environment.


Library visit 
This week we went to the library to visit. It was super exciting passing all of the streets that we recognised and talking about where we lived and that we had been to the shops, doctors and parks in the local area. When we arrived the librarians were very helpful and showed us around and explained some really useful facts about the library. We listened to a story about a magician, took part in a quiz, scavenger hunt, crafts and the best part was a yummy snack at the end of our session. We can't wait to visit the library again next term!


Joe Bear's Birthday!


This week we have been focusing on preparing for a party and writing lists of things to prepare for a party and the main elements to include on an invitation. What, why, who, when and where. The children had a lovely time hosting the party for the guests that could make it.
Joe bear left a note to say he had a super day and that you made it the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER

The Kings Coronation

Over the last week the children have been really excited and thrown theirselves into being crown designers, flag makers and it has been like a real life bunting factory in our classroom.

From this we have developed our creative thinking, fine motor skills for cutting, we have written about King Charles and thought of our formal invitation letter. We have learned some historical facts about the last monarch Queen Elizabeth and the children know than the line of Monarchs pass down the responsibility to the oldest son or daughter. We know about the events taking place during tomorrow’s coronation and the children have said they are excited to watch this happen.




This week we have learned all about what a habitat is. We know that a habitat is an environment where an animal lives. The habitat contains all an animal needs to survive such as food and shelter. Some habitats are hot or cold, wet or dry. We looked at a map of the world using digimaps to see where rainforest, desert, icy and woodland areas are found in the world. Some children were so engrossed in this learning that they spent two afternoons developing an African landscape for safari animals. Well done girls! 




As part of this half terms learning we have learned so much about animals and habitats that we started a mini project about creatures called minibeasts  and how they live in microhabitats. Many of them live under objects such as logs and rocks. Some lay eggs under leaves and some need damp dark places to live. We had a great time hunting for them school this week. We also learned about how some have their lifecycle. 


Rockpool Explorers

This week we were Rockpool explorers. An introduction of the rock pool’s inhabitants opens up the meeting to encourage children to share their experience of their visits to the coast.  Fascinating facts about the formation of rock pools are delivered to the children, together with information about how each species has evolved to survive the crashing waves, changing weather conditions and predators of the ocean. Children are encouraged to think about conservation.  The class are split into small groups, each focusing on different activities. One at a time, groups will have an opportunity to view the rock pool tank closely, touch, observe and hold some of the animals, asking questions to our friendly marine rangers. Other groups will look at fact sheets and take part in a number of small fun activities using informative worksheets provided.

Spanish Day!

This week we had an amazing day! The whole school took part in Spanish Day. We came to school dressed in Spanish style clothing or the colours of the flag. By the end of the day we could recognise the flag, paint it in the correct colours, say the names of typical Spanish cuisine and tasted churros, chorizo and tortilla. We were really good at Flamenco dancing and counting to the number five in Spanish.

Goodbye Foundation, Hello Year 1!

This week was our last week in Foundation Stage together! It is always a sad time when we have to say goodbye and move on to new things. However, we couldn't be more proud of what the children have achieved in the last 11 months. The Team in Foundation are excited to here all about your new adventures in Year 1 

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