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Year 1 - Mrs Wardman


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Click on the image to download the knowledge organiser for Dinosaur Planet.

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Click on the image to download the knowledge organiser for Moon Zoom.


The Key Stage 1 children worked together to perform an amazing Nativity for family and friends.

Moon Zoom

We found a crash landed space ship in our Year 1 play area!  When we took a closer look, we discovered it must have come from a different planet!  We collected as many pieces of the craft as possible and even found 2 little aliens hiding in the classroom.

The children believed that there were more aliens waiting to be found so we used our Forest School session to make traps to see if we could find any more alien friends.  When we checked on them the next morning, we had caught 2 more little alien friends!

We have 4 new friends.  The children have named them Uni, Sprinkles, Foxy and Jessie.  Our new friends are from a different planet so they can't speak our language and they know nothing about humans so we are taking it in turns to take the aliens home and teach them things about our planet and the kind of things we do as humans.  We have already taught them what kind of foods we eat, we have read them stories and taught them to ride a bike.  There is so much more to teach them!


Mr Hepp came into school and showed us how to use a range of design and technology tools including the junior hacksaw and a clamp.  We sawed our own piece of wood into a rocket shape and then added a clock face to it.  We made rocket clocks to link to our Moon Zoom topic.  We were able to use the drill as well.  Mr Hepp held our rocket while we pulled the lever down.  The rocket clocks turned out brilliantly and we had an amazing day!


In our maths lessons we have been developing an understanding of the process of adding and subtracting.  We have investigated the concept of parts and whole and how these are joined or separated to add and subtract.  We have used manipulatives, made stories, used the representations of part-whole models, number lines and bar models and also used the mathematical symbols of +, - and =.


We have learnt all about letter writing and instructions in our Literacy lessons.  We used The Day the Crayons Quit as inspiration to write our own letters.  We chose Red Crayon as our inspiration.  Poor Red Crayon is so over-worked.


Year 1 have been investigating dinosaurs! One of our first lessons looked at features of animals and we invented our own dinosaurs using common features of a range of animals from legs, to flipper or wings, long necks or short, 4 legs or 2 legs.

We then began thinking about the fossil record.  What do dinosaurs look like as skeletons?  We investigated common bones and made our own dinosaur models.

We also looked at the diet of a range of animals and the idea of carnivores and herbivores.  We discovered that their teeth are a way of knowing the diet of an animal.  We used this knowledge to look at the fossilised teeth of dinosaurs and work out if they were carnivores or herbivores.

We used our dinosaur topic to experiment with materials in art and design.  We used clay to make dinosaur eggs and added lots of interesting materials to them to play with colour and texture.  We also made our own Sockosaurus Rex sock puppets, mirroring our favourite dinosaurs using a range of materials attached to the sock.  They turned out brilliantly!


We have been investigating numbers to 10 in Year 1.  Matching numbers to their names, finding one more and one less and comparing numbers.


We use Talk4Writing to help in our Literacy lessons.  Year 1 love acting the story out to support their writing.

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