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St Joseph's Primary School is a Roman Catholic, Voluntary Aided School for pupils aged four to eleven years. It was opened in 1936 and is situated behind St Joseph's church in Rawmarsh. St. Joseph's is a school and a parish to be proud of. The work undertaken to build our community has gone on since 1936 and it is right we should remember the work of those who passed the faith onto us, as well as those who do it today.

The school is set in an urban location. The building is one storey high with one Foundation stage, two key stage one, and four key stage two classes. The number of pupils on role is approximately 200. At the age of eleven, pupils transfer to St Pius Catholic Secondary School. Close liaison is maintained with the secondary school to ensure that the transfer from St Joseph's is as smooth as possible.

There is a large hall, together with a main entrance, administrative and library areas. The hall is used for a variety of purposes- PE, Assemblies, dining, and social functions. In addition to this there is a playground area and staff car park.

The school has two large playing fields, which are used for games, athletics, and football. In suitable weather they are used as a play area.

At St. Joseph's we are committed to the development of the individual, to enabling every pupil to fulfill their potential, not only in their academic studies but also in sports, drama, music or wherever their talents may lie. We meet together regularly as a community to celebrate success and reflect upon the values of tolerance and mutual respect, honesty and integrity that underpin our philosophy here at St Joseph's.

The pupils are encouraged at St. Joseph's to have a say in their school and have an active School Council which meets regularly after discussing current theme/issues with their class. The representatives are elected by the pupils themselves. In addition there are also Buddies, Play Leaders, Road Safety Officers who all make a positive contribution to the pupils here.

We believe that our school is a warm, caring and happy environment as witnessed by many visitors to the school. We take pride in our traditional school uniform and adapt the curriculum to the learning needs of the pupils. We are an inclusive community and have high standards of behaviour.

St. Joseph's school has close links with the parish of St Joseph's Church - the children attend regular masses through the school year celebrating Harvest Festival, Advent, Epithany, Month of May and end of year celebration.

Many thanks for expressing an interest in St. Joseph's. We are delighted to welcome visitors and if you wish to visit the school, please do not hesitate to contact the school office to arrange an appointment.

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