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Geography: Sow, Grow, Farm

Year 5 - Miss Pierpoint


Science: Human Ageing

Art: Line, Light and Shadows

Art: Nature's Art

Spring 1 Week 1 & Week 2 

Anti-Bullying Session

Year 5 have made an excellent start to the Spring Term! We had a very special visit from Ann Foxley-Johnson to discuss anti-bullying. We agreed that when somebody does not find the joke funny anymore, this is no longer 'banter' and has become bullying. To celebrate our friends and classmates, we gifted each other an anonymous note with all the special qualities about that person written on it. What a lovely way to begin the new term.

Class Liturgy

Following our session on anti-bullying, Year 5 designed and carried out a whole-class liturgy centred on respect and forgiveness. We gathered by holding stones to ground ourselves and feel present in the moment. We listened to two prayers with the message of treating others how we wish to be treated, living under the Lord's message 'love one another as I have loved you'. We then reflected upon this reading and decided to go forth by wishing each other 'peace be with you'.

'Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven'.

Luke 6:37

English - Forest School

This week we took our English lesson into the great outdoors for a session of forest school. In our unit of writing, we are focussing on the novel Wolf Brother and are writing a prequel tpo the story, set in a clan camp in 8000 BC. To get into the spirit of the ancient clans, we foraged for items to create a journey stick, representing the developmental journeys of our clans. We all successfully followed the guidance of our elected clan leaders and foraged for meaningful items to complete our journey sticks. Year 5 showed some truly excellent team work and craft skills, I think the ancient clans would be rather impressed!

Spring 1 Week 3 & Week 4

Geography - Flower Dissection

Our Geography learning got very exciting this week as we completed our first dissection! We successfully dissected a tulip to identify the key reproductive features of a flowering plant. We were able to locate the stamen, the ovule, the pollen, petals, the stem and the stigma. We used our dissected tulips to solidify our understanding of how pollinators transport the pollen from the stamen of one flower to the ovule of another in order to produce seeds. Miss Pierpoint was very impressed with our geographical knowledge and dissection skills!

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