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Go to the Governors' Area Telling school if your child is ill

What shall I do if my child is ill?

We ask that you contact school before 9.30am on 01709 710270 to advise us why your child is not attending school or leave a message with your child's name and class and reason for absence.

If your child has sickness or diarrhoea we ask you keep him/her off school for a clear 48 hours from the last episode. This is to ensure nothing is passed on in school.

What shall I do if I arrive late to school?

You will need to take your child to the school office and sign him/her in the late book and order a school meal if required. Office staff will then take your child to class.

What if my child has a medical appointment?

A medical card is required to be taken to the school office and an authorisation letter will be given to you to take to your appointment. You child will then need to be signed out at the office.

My child needs medicine

We can only administer medicine that has been prescribed by a doctor and needs to be taken 4 times a day. If the medicine is required 3 times a day we ask that this is done at home. A medical form needs to be completed from the school office and medicine collected at the end of the school day.