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Year 2 - Mr Searson



Click on the image above to go to Year 2 Coastline knowledge organiser.

Spring Term 

We have made a wonderful start to our learning project about coastlines. We explored the UK coastline using maps and Atalses  as well as watching videos of drones flying along the cliffs and sea shore. 

We explored symbols on maps related to coastlines and also researched what you might see and do at a coastal town. 

We then explored coastal erosion. We learned about what coastal erosion is, how it is caused and what measures can be taken to slow down or stop coastal erosion. 

Our learning in RE is all about books and the various kinds of books used in church. We learned all about the different sections of The Holy Bible and we explored various stories from the Old Testament and Parables from the New Testament. 

We also learned about the important part that The Bible stories play in Mass and our lives as Catholics.













In Science we have been exploring the everyday uses of materials. This involved exploring different materials and investigating their properties. We had great fun investigating different kinds of paper for strength and absorbency. We made predictions and made careful observations. We recorded our findings and discussed these as a class. Then we used what we had discovered to decided which kind of paper would be suitable for making different things such as a delivery box. 

Here are some more photographs of our investigations. 

In forest schools and our outdoor learning we explored sculptures. We scavenged around the woodland to find interesting natural materials. We then used these to create interesting sculptures. What do you think?

In Mathematics we have been exploring arrays to solve multiplication and division problems by grouping. 

As part of our learning project about coasts we held an amazing Design Technology day. We began by exploring the role of light houses and their different designs. We then used this information to design our own lighthouses. The making process included measuring, choosing correct tools, working safely and solving problems as they arise. We then evaluated our completed lighthouses and thought about what worked well and what we could improve on. 


We had great fun during World Book Day. There were lots of fabulous costumes, book characters and also wonderful book related activities. 

For our Lent preparations we explored the meaning of Lent, Ash Wednesday and its significance. We took part in a whole school assembly and then we made Lentern crosses using natural materials found in Forest School. We also retold the Easter story. 

In Art we continued our exploration of drawing and painting skills. We learnt how to mix primary colours to make secondary colours. We also used our previous knowledge and skills to create sunflower paintings in the style of Van Gough. 

To celebrate Mothering Sunday we created cards and gifts in the school hall. It was really great to work together and use lots of 

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