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Year 2 - Mr Searson


Summer Term 

This Term we are learning all about Magnificent Monarchs. To start our topic we had a wonderful day of drama, story telling, role play, hot-seating and amazing fun whilst we explored key monarchs from history. We learned all about Cleopatra, Alfred The Great, William The Conqueror, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II.

In Science we have been exploring how plants stay alive... In Forest School we went on a wild flower hunt and we also looked at tree blossom. It was great fun exploring the fields and edges searching for different flowers on our charts. 

As part of our English learning we have been exploring recounts - personal and narratives. We explored texts using drama techniques and talk for writing. We loved acting out the parts and exploring language.

Every term we get to visit the local library and do exciting activities. This term we went on a book treasure hunt and held a quiz all about how to use the library. We also got to choose more books for our class reading boxes! We love our visits to the library... we can't wait to return.




After exploring plants in the outdoors we started to explore and investigate what plants need to grow and stay healthy. We planted cress and bean seeds to see how they germinate and find out the best conditions needed for them to grow. We create flow charts to show the life cycle and stages of growth such as germination, pollination and seed dispersal.



During our learning about Monarchs we were lucky enough to witness and experience a real coronation because our Queen Elizabeth II sadly died. Our new king was King Charles. On the day of his coronation we had a holiday but we also had a big celebration and party in school. It was great fun and lovely to see history being made!




We have elected our school councillors! We have been learning all about democracy and British Values. Those who wanted to be councillors gave a speech about why they would be good councillors. Then we all got to vote for who we thought would make the best representatives for our class. They then take our ideas and talk to the main school council and Mrs Williams. 





We had a classroom liturgy to reflect upon Pentecost and what the Holy Spirit gives to us in our daily lives. We had music, prayers and we wore our Pentecost hats that we had made in Come And See. Can you see that we decorated our hats with symbols of the Holy Spirit?


We had an amazingly interesting visitor in Year Two this half term. It was local historian and author Anthony Dobsworth. He cam einto school to talk to us all about the local history and 'Whit Walks' that took place every year in the past. This was part of our local area celebrating 200 years of history! We will be dressing up and re-enacting the old Whit Walk with other local schools  as part of the celebrations. Our parents were also invited in to share in our learning too. 

After our visit from Mr Dodsworth we were ready for our Whit Walk! This was a historic local event because a Whit Walk hadn't taken place for many years! We got dressed up in Victorian costumes and even got to travel to Rose Hill Park on a vintage double decker bus! We got to go upstairs which was amazing. Once there 

Once we arrived at the park we joined up with others to form the procession. Lots of people clapped as we went past... It was amazing. 

We had an amazing and fun sports day! The weather was amazing, the races were fun and we had a great day... Everyone did their best and we all did  the best that we could whilst having fun challenging ourselves.



In preparation for Father's Day we had the opportunity to create a card and choose a present in the hall with the help of Year Six and the wonderful Parent Voice group.



In Maths we have been learning all about time. We used clocks to explore clockwise, quarter hour, half past, o'clock and count in 5 minute intervals. Did you know that there are 60 minutes in one hour? Also, there are 24 hours in one day and seven days in a week!!!! We do!



In RE we held a multi faith day all about Islam. We had a wonderful assembly led by Imran from Muslim Education and then we did some fun activities to learn all about how Muslims prepare for and carry out their prayers. 




Hola! Buenas Dias amigos... Hoy es el dias de Espana! We learned all about Spain, its culture, a little Spanish language and food, dance and music! What a fabulous day! Can you spot our Spanish related clothing?













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