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An update from our first few weeks 15.09.22

The children have settled back into school really well, and have been working hard already. We have been writing a biography, learning about the Anglo - Saxons (which is our topic for the whole term), and we have even picked some vegetables from the garden!

06.10.22 - Science, Black History Month and Literacy

Over the last few weeks, the children have been learning about Living Things and their habitats in Science. They have also completed their 2nd piece of writing in literacy; a persuasive poster about Litter Picking. We have just started our 3rd piece of writing; the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We went into the woodland to experience sounds, sights and smells in order to help us be descriptive. The children also got to see a special performance from the Y4 adults!

This week is the start of Black History month too. The children helped decorate the classroom with African tribal patterned paperchains.


These last few weeks the children have been working really hard on their descriptive write. They have took part in lots of science investigations such as natural habitats, and have also created some fabulous pieces of art as part of our Anglo Saxon topic.


These last few weeks we have been working really hard in all areas of our learning. We have completed lots of writing using inverted commas; we have learnt all about Buddhism, and our Invasion topic has been keeping us on our toes with some drama workshops. 

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