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Our first few weeks of Spring Term

The children have settled back into school really well after the Christmas break. We have had a great start in Literacy, the children have been writing fantastic imaginative pieces of writing in the form of a setting description. They have started new Science and Geography topics, and are continuing with Multiplication and Division in maths.

You may have seen the collage on Dojo containing pictures of their fab gymnastic skills in PE. Here are the images, but a little bigger!

Spring Term Update 06.03.23

The children have been working really hard this term. We have covered setting descriptions, non chronological reports and suspense narratives in literacy. We are very interactive during our literacy lessons, this helps the children engage in their learning really well. They are very good at using their drama skills! In maths we have finished our Multiplication and Division unit, and have moved onto length and perimeter. In topic we are still covering rivers and mountains. To help embed the journey of a water droplet from the cloud to the river at the bottom of a mountain, we have used contemporary dance. Here are some photo's, and the video will be shared soon. Swimming is going really well, and our World Book Day was a super success!

Friday 17th March

This week we have completed lots of topic work. The children have found this really fun, and have learnt about lots of different areas of our Rivers and Mountains topic. We have learnt all about the Water Cycle and how it works, including an experiment. We have learnt about habitats and environments on a mountain; the different zones on a mountain and what can live in each zone. Our final lesson on topic this week was a debate on the impact humans have on our environment. This was a really fun lesson where the children discussed what our impact is on some of the disasters around the world. Are they caused by nature, humans or both?

Thursday 23rd March

This morning we have had a morning of maths! We have completed one of our maths assessments, began our fractions area and practiced our time stables ready for our Multiplications Test at the end of the year.


On Friday 24th March, Yogabugs came and completed a Yoga session with us. The children loved it and made a great impression on the teacher. They all tried really hard. Check out their poses!

Science Experiment 29th March 23

Today we completed our science experiment. This was part of our topic lesson: investigating soils. We took samples of two different soils, added water, and waited a week for the soil to settle. We hoped to find Lomas soil which is the best soil for plants to grow in. Looking at the results, I think we found it!

Droplet Dance

Our topic this term has been Rivers and Mountains. We have made a dance together to a piece of music. Our dance follows the journey of a water droplet in a cloud above a mountain. The cloud gets heavier and heavier until it rains. The rain drops land on the top of the mountain and flow rapidly down the river until it finally reaches the calm still river at the bottom. We only had 3 practices! I think they did really well using their bodies and the space to show this contemporary piece. 

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