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Our first week of summer term

The children have settled back into school well this week. They have worked really hard, and made a great start in our new literacy unit - Newspaper Reports.

We have started our new Topic - Ancient Civilisations. We have had great class discussions on what this topic might entail; made a class acrostic poem and investigated ancient artifacts from the Sumerian and Eygyptian times!

5th May Year 4 Update

These last 2 weeks have been great. The children have been working really hard on their literacy report, they will complete this next week. We practiced being News Reporters, so we are ready to write in the style of a News Reporter. We have also being looking further into our Ancient Civilisations topic; finding out about the Ancient Sumer, their inventions, food and farming.

As it is the Kings coronation tomorrow, we have also been exploring Art, specifically Royal Portraits.

The children have created a wonderful display of work.

19th May Year 4 Update

The children have been working so hard these last couple of weeks! We began a new unit in maths - Decimals. The children are using Place Value Charts to help them with this new unit, and are learning well. We completed our literacy unit on Newspaper Reports: the children's Hot Writes were fantastic! Some budding reporters in class! We have started our new Literacy unit - Writing a diary entry. The children are really enjoying this as it it something many are familiar with.

We have also been continuing our History topic - Ancient Civilisations. You can see some of the information we are learning about by clicking on the link above. The children are finding this topic really interesting, and are expanding their questions more and more. We have moved from Ancient Sumer to Ancient Egypt. Areas we have learnt about so far are: inventions, food, farming, social hierarchy's, emperor's, architecture - including the pyramids (see pictures below). We all found the pyramids extremely interesting.

We are also continuing to practice TT Rock Stars - Soundchecks, they are doing so well.

Visit TT Rockstars to practice at home too.

TT Rock Stars and Forest School

The children have been continuing to practice TT Rock Stars in preparation for the Multiplication Check after half term. Some have enjoyed the peace and quiet of the corridor!

Forest school has been fun as the grass have been cut! The children have been making Nature Portraits in the Spring sunshine!

Last day of Summer 1!

We have had a great week this week! It started with an exciting trip to the library!

The children have finished part 1 of the Decimals unit in maths, we will continue this unit after half term. They have finished their Diary Hot Writes in Literacy, where they were writing a diary entry from the point of view of a poor Sumerian boy. This links to our topic on Ancient Civilisations. The children have been learning all about Tutankhamun, and found this really interesting! 

This afternoon we planted Sunflower seeds, these will hopefully be ready to take home at the end of Summer 2, ready to bloom all through summer.

First week of Summer 2

This week the children have been working really hard on their time tables, on paper and digitally. Many have been completing the practice tests on TT Rockstars, and doing brilliantly! Bring on next week!

We have started our new literacy unit, which is writing a story with a twist!

We have had a bit of Sports Day practice too with the Y6's, and have continued with our Ancient Civilisations topic. This week, we have learnt more about the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, and the social hierarchy in those times.

Second week of Summer 2

I am really proud of the children this week, and I think they are proud of themselves too! They have completed the Official Multiplication Test! We celebrated with a little disco and treats.

Our new literacy unit is going very well. The children have been acting out a comical scene which is part of our story. Two characters are arguing over a cake, and then disaster strikes! Don't worry, the children are just acting, although they do look cross!

We have looked at our final Ancient Civilisation too this week as part of our topic. The Indus Valley!

Third week of Summer 2

It has been a busy week this week with Sports Day, Hot Write's, Clay bowl making and the Summer fair! The children have worked really hard, and have had another fantastic week!

Forth week of Summer 2

We have had another busy week this week. The children have started their end of year assessments. We will finish the rest of these next week. We have been continuing looking at Money in maths, and turned our classroom into as shop. This helped the children learn to add and subtract money when buying items. On Friday, we had an Islamic visitor in school who did a workshop with us. We learnt all about the Muslim faith. 

Our strawberries are ready! We got to pick and eat yummy strawberries from our garden! Hopefully, we will have more next week.

Fifth week of Summer 2

We have had a great weekend this week. We have started our non fiction acrostic poetry work, next week they will be writing their own on any chosen animal. We have started a new maths unit on Time. 

They have taken part in a huge game of Rounders with Y6 which was really fun! (Fantastic photography skills from a Y4 child!)

Our Geography Field Trip was a huge success, they were really well behaved, gathered great data and produced wonderful Dual Bar Charts!

Last week of Year 4

This week has been a week of finishing off work and having some fun. We all completed fabulous Acrostic poems on animals of our choice. We are still learning about 'time' in maths, so we will continue with this in Year 5. We had a fantastic disco, all pictures are on class Dojo, and we had many Ten Ten lessons, where we learnt about keeping safe.

Here are some pictures from our First Aid lesson where we acted out dangerous scenarios, and what we would do in them.

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