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Class Teacher: Miss H Casey

Teaching Assistant:

PE: Monday Forest School: Thursday

Mon to Thu - 8:30am to 3:10pm | Fri - 8:30am to 12:40pm

If you want to find out more about our class then please take a look at our blog via the button to the left. You’ll see photos of us at work and play and find out loads of class info! Curriculum Europe Knowledge organiser.pdf

Europe Knowledge Organiser [Autumn 2 2019]

5 MINING - knowledge organiser.pdf

Mining knowledge Organiser [Spring 2 2020]

David Hockney - Knowledge organiser.pdf

David Hockney Knowledge Organiser [Autumn 1 2019]

Space and Light - knowledge organiser.pdf

Science Knowledge Organiser [Spring 1 2020]


DT Knowledge Organiser [Autumn 1 2020]

Knowledge organiser - UKS2 - Polar Express.pdf

Polar Express Knowledge Organiser [Autumn 2 2020]

So Surreal - 5 and 6 knowledge organiser.pdf

So Surreal Knowledge Organiser [Spring 1 2021]

Ancient Egyptians KS2 Knowledge organiser.pdf

Ancient Egyptians Knowledge Organiser [Spring 2 2021]


Carnival Knowledge Organiser [Summer 1 2021]