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Autumn Week 5 and 6

Despite the freezing temperatures, we were still excited to see Kids Plant Trees to return to school this week. They continued their work to improve our school field ecosystem with new fruit trees. This week in maths, we've been tackling tricky fractions and converting between mixed number and improper fractions. 

Autumn Week 4

We had a very exciting visit this week to St Pius to take part in a Design and Technology workshop. We were tasked with baking Christmas with a chocolate topping shaped to our own unique design. We also had to create the packing for our cookies using CAD to label the box and carefully cut this out following the net guidelines. It was a thoroughly enjoyable (and delicious) experience. 

Autumn Week 3

It's been an action packed week in school, celebrating Anti-Bullying Week, and beginning our Interfaith fortnight on Buddhism. here's a snapshot of what we have been up to! 

Autumn Week 2

In Maths, Miss Casey showed us a cool way of illustrating square numbers using up and down staircases made of cubes. We also continued our History topic by researching how everyday life looked for people during The Shang Dynasty. We concluded the week with reflections in Haiku poems, written on a poppy to remember the fallen soldiers. Our class wreath hung proudly on our door to remember Armistice day. 

Autumn 2 Week 1

We had a heated discussion in History this week, debating the hierarchy of the Shang Dynasty. Although some of us didn't agree, we learnt that the King was the most powerful and the slaves were the least regarded in society. 

Week 6

This week, we had the best science lesson because it was edible! We learnt about the phases of the moon transitioning from a new moon through to full moon. Thankfully, Miss Casey got some photos before we ate all of our work! 

Week 5

This week, we particularly enjoyed our science learning about how speherical bodies move in our solar system. We also continued our History Topic on Ancient China and studied Bronze artefacts. We have carefully sketched these and made posters detailing how bronze was used. 

Week 4

For PE this week, we took part in some Cosmic Yoga. This helped calm our minds, stretch our muscles and stregthened our core muscles. We have also finished off our place value learning with rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 and 10,000. Following the White Rose scheme of learning, we helped coach Tiny through some common misconceptions that can be made when rounding numbers. We will keep practising this as we move onto addition and subtraction next week. 

Week 3

This week, we continued out art learning by searching for Tints, Tones and Shades of green outside during Forest School. We foraged for a range of colours and then tried to replicate them in our sketchbooks using water colour. 

In History this week, we learnt about the Dig at Yinxu and investigated different historical artefacts. 

Week 1 and 2

We have had an excellent start to Year 5. Children have been getting familiar with numbers upto 1,000,000 in maths, have had our first Ukulele lesson with Miss Durkin and have begun our art topic called Tints, Tones and Shades. We have also been learning about the Yellow Emperor and the Xia Dynasty as part of our Dynamic Dynasties topic. 

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