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Spring Term Week 1

We have had an exciting first week back after Christmas and have been incredibly interested in our new Geography topic. We began by exploring our food packaging and using an atlas to locate where in the world it came from. It was eye-opening to see how far some foods travel as well as discovering that some foods are still imported even though we can grow them here in the UK. We have also continued our maths learning on Fractions including tackling a really difficult prolem solving questions on equivalent fractions! 

Spring Term Week 2

This week in Year 5, we have continued with our descriptive writing and Magpied some incredible vocabulary and language to use in our own writing. We have also been mapping important farming across the UK and have done some gymnastics in PE. A busy week all round! 

Spring Term Week 3

In Science, we have been learning about living things and their habitats. We have read about different life cycles in Reciprocal reading and have identified the characteristics of mammals in our Science lessons. We have also experimented with shading techniques in Art in preparation for some still life drawing. There were mixed views about stippling and 'scribbling. 

Spring Term Week 4

In PE this week, we teamed up with 6 and practised our core strength and balance. Our warm up task promoted creative and team work too. We also had a special RE lesson this week as we visited our church where Father Patrick explained the purpose of various parts of the church as well as answering our questions about our loal community mission and the role in which a priest and his parishioners have. 

Spring Term Week 5 and 6

We finished off the half term by completing some impressive Geography work detailing a Farmer's Year. We also took some eye-catching photography and used a monochrome filter to capture a story through an image. The effect was really powerful. Finally, we celebrated Wellbeing Week by expressing ourselves! 

Spring Term 2 Week 1

Our first week back after half term has been fantastic. We've been learning a new model text in English to write our own Warning Story. We've also been continuing our Geography topic by playing a game of Top Trumps to compare differetn climate zones! 

Spring Term 2 Week 2

World Book Day Week has been the highlight this week. Check out our book-themed activities below. Year 5 enjoyed a Booknic, being read some poetry by Mrs Wardman from Year 1 and we even did some performace poetry of our own! It was a fun-filled day for sure! 

Spring Term 2 Week 3

We have been learning about the Temptation of Jesus in the desert this week as we continue our Lenten Preparations. We read the Gospel story and using role play to freeze-frame the three key temptations of Jesus. We've also done some sketching this week in our Line, Light and Shadow topic and have had our first attempt at Still Life drawing. I think Year 5 did a really good job! 

Spring Term 2 Week 4

A special treat this week... Our EYFS children had been in charge of looking after duckling eggs and watched them hatch! Year 5 managed to sneak a visit for a cuddle with the ducklings. An afternoon that really made us all smile! 

Spring Term 2 Week 5

A fun morning was had this week to celebrate World Maths Day! We learnt about how maths can be used in a whole host of jobs and discussed famous mathematicians including Einstein, Newton and Lovelace. We then completed an escape room style challenge to investigate which culprit had contaminated the chocolate! Everyone worked really well collaboratively and used their top problem solving skills. 

Spring Term 2 Week 6

One of our final lesson in our Geography topic linked with History as we learnt about the Dig for Victory campaign used during WW2 to encourage people to grow their own food in allotments as food was short and rationing wasn't fulfilling. Children thought about the effectivenss and impact of the posters used and then designed their own, some choosing to use digital art.  

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