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Year 5 - Miss Casey














Summer Term Week 1

We've had a fantastic start to Summer term. We began our History topic by exploring all of the new vocabulary we will encounter by playing a game. In science, we have recapped Solids, Liquids and Gases as we begin to explore the properties of different materials. 

Summer Term Week 2

This week, we had a fantastic time with HeppDT. · We designed a lamp inspired by traditional mining lamps incorporating a working electrical circuit to ensure our product was fit for purpose. To make our lamp, we used a hacksaw to cut wood to size, a bench drill to make holes and then used a wing nut to secure the structure in place. We evaluated each of the skills used and thought about how we could improve our product.

Summer Term Week 3

In preparation for the Coronation of King Charles III, we have written letter to our parents inviting them to an Afternoon Tea Party in school. We have also completed some paper crafts in our Mixed Media art project in the style of our Union Jack Flag. To form a whole school display, each class studied a Monarch- we chose Henry VIII and his 6 wives. Here our posters, fetauring some modern art and historical facts. 

Summer Term Week 4

Another busy week in Year 5 saw us learning how to use a protractor, measure and compare angles, learn about the need for coal during the Industrial Revolution, complete a science experiment to test solubility of different materials and write our own poems. Here are some snippets of our learning. 

Summer Term Week 5

The week, we were tasked with making some 'Alien Soup', however, the recipe went wrong and we therefore needed to separate the materials. This made for some really exciting science as we used magnets, filter paper and sieves to separate the heterogeneous mixture. We also learnt a new technique art, known as quilling, where thin strips of paper can be curled to create a unique paper. This will be part of our Mixed Media final piece. 

Summer Term Week 6

To start the innovation of our new piece of writing, we experienced hearing an air raid siren and shared our thought and feelings. It was really powerful and allowed us to explore new vocabulary words for our feelings. In History, as miners, we went on strike! We shouted chants at Mrs Williams with our placards on the picket line. 

Summer Term Week 7

Feeling refreshed after half, we have begun our new Come and See topic looking at Freedom and Responsibility. We explored these words and considered how we felt about rules. It turns out that it's very hard to play a game without any rules. We also talked about why rules are in place to keep us safe. 

Summer Term Week 8

We have had a lovely visit this week to our local library. We learnt lots of information about how the library works and how we can borrow a whole range of books. While we were there, we completed some crafts, listened to a story and got to choose a new book to take back to school! 

Summer Term Week 9

This week, we were very lucky to have a special visitor in school. An ex -miner came to visit us to share his stories about working in the mines and the memories he has of this period of his life. We asked lots of questions and even got to eat some 'coal' (It was very delicious!) 

Summer Term Week 10

What a busy week!! Monday was our Spanish Day where we enjoyed some Spanish Food, learnt about the country and its cities and used our Spanish language to greet others, count and introduce ourselves. On Tuesday we attended The Big String Event at magna to play the Ukulele and then on Thursday we visited our local secondary school to take part in a sports day with other local primary schools. Here is a snapshot of all of our experiences! 

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