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Year 6 - Miss Milnes



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Knowledge Organiser


Knowledge Organiser

Week 1

05.09.22- SWIMMING

Welcome to Year 6! We have such a fantastic, jam-packed year planned for you all. Already, we are wasting no time as we have been swimming on our first day back. There was lots of excitement brewing throughout the morning, and this lovely bunch showed nothing but enthusiasm towards learning plenty of new water skills. What a great start to our year together!


Keep an eye on our page to keep track of what our marvellous Year 6s get up to throughout our first term.

Week 2

12.09.22- SCIENCE

In Science, we have been investigating how light travels. First, we pierced holes into three pieces of card which were then arranged along a straight line with equal distances apart. Then, we shone the torch through our pieces of card- the light reached the other side!

However, when we moved our pieces of card so that the holes were not in line with each other, the light disappeared.

From this, we concluded that light waves must travel in a straight line!

Week 3

21.09.22- ENGLISH

The Year 6 classroom was cordoned off today due to a police investigation! Hidden around the field were a number of evidence samples which hinted towards our next writing unit. As a team, we worked to solve the clues and reveal our next fairy tale: Little Red Riding Hood!


A group of Year 6s have been putting their faith into action this week with Mrs Reynolds. As it is our final year in primary school, this is the perfect opportunity to reflect and discuss how we continuously apply our faith to everyday activities. 

Week 4

27.09.22- COME AND SEE

After studying The Parable of the Prodigal Son, we held a court trial to determine which of the characters in our parable were guilty of failing to show unconditional love. Each group presented their argument and, after a lengthy debate, we concluded that– regardless of who was guilty– unconditional love is about forgiveness and second chances, no matter what mistakes we have made.

Week 5

07.10.22- ENGLISH

There has been lots of enthusiasm as our Year 6s begin to innovate their model text this week. We have been adapting our warning story to apply to our class novel: Malamander. Everybody has loved creating personification and building suspense through their scenery. All children have been using our writing wall, and magpie books are full to the brim with wonderful coastal imagery.

Week 6


Week 7

19.10.22- HEPP DT DAY

We have had the most exciting day today! Hepp DT came in to help us make our very own Spitfire Planes which we are soon to learn about in our 'Britain At War' topic. Using G-clamps, junior hacksaws and even a power drill, we became experts at woodwork. Not only were we able to create our own wing designs, but we also added axles and moveable propellers to make our planes as authentic as possible. Look at our superb final products!

20.10.22- MATHS

It's wonderful how manipulatives can help the penny to drop in maths! Cube numbers make so much more sense to us now after using the multilink cubes to visualise the process.


More reflections today during our Faith In Action session with Mrs Reynolds. This time, we were focusing on the key teaching of 'Love Thy Neighbour'. Mrs Reynolds spoke very highly about this class' ability to form connections with previous figures taught, as well as their respect for each others' differing opinions- both key characteristics which prepare us for secondary school.

21.10.22- ENGLISH

Year 6 have been working so hard on their 'Malamander' innovation. We took our time with this suspense unit so that each child could illustrate and write up their hard work. Here are some of our fantastic final products and, much to our excitement, a response from Thomas Taylor, the author of Malamander!

Miss Milnes has been so proud of Year 6 this term and cannot wait to start afresh after a well-deserved break!


Week 1

03.11.22- HISTORY

In history this week, we worked as a team to order the remaining key events from WWI into chronological order. Then, we used emojis to assess the impact of each key event on both the Allied and Central Powers. After evaluating the events, we discussed how we thought WWI would end based on the climate from our final event in 1918.

Week 2


Remembrance has gained new meaning for us this year as our history topic has put everything into perspective. We had lots of reflective discussions and asked plenty of questions. The morning started with a visit from author, Bali Rai, who spoke to us all about the unheard voices of WWI- specifically men of colour. We were so moved by his message, that we continued our learning by producing a piece of reverse poetry. Inspired by Brian Bilston's 'Refugees', we looked at creating poetry which conveyed two very different messages: one when you read from top to bottom, and the other when you read from bottom to top. 

Week 3


We had a fantastic day today learning all about Buddhism. We impressed our visitors with the knowledge we had acquired from our last Come and See lesson, and some of us even tried on some traditional Buddhist dress. We learnt all about Siddhartha Gautama, and each of us chose a reading card which gave us our own individual spiritual teaching. 

18.11.22- Y6 SLEEPOVER

In preparation for our upcoming residential and as part of the Y6 privileges, we held a class sleepover in school this Friday! We had a pamper session, played some midnight football, took part in a St Joseph's quiz and did some baking. All before very minimal sleep... good job it's a weekend! What a lovely, polite bunch of Y6 children we have in our school this year.

Week 4

24.11.22- GEOGRAPHY

We have been using atlases to identify the key powers involved in WWII. Not only did we locate the Allied and Axis Powers, but we were also able to pinpoint which Commonwealth nations were called to fight as a result of Britain's participation in the war.

25.11.22- HISTORY

Today, we were researching how Britain prepared for WWII. Each group researched a key area of preparation before creating a poster and presenting their knowledge to the rest of the group. By using 'passports to the past', we collated all of our newfound historical knowledge.

25.11.22- ENGLISH

Our writing hook this unit has been particularly delicious. A Christmas instructions unit can only mean one thing: festive baking! We made peppermint truffles today, taking care to note down all the equipment and ingredients used so that we can begin to innovate our own set of instructions. 

Week 5

02.12.22- SCIENCE

Using household ingredients, we made our very own blood samples today. Each ingredient helped us to learn all about the different components of blood. Cranberry juice represented red blood cells, oil became our plasma, a dash of milk illustrated the small amount of white blood cells, and the sprinkles reflected platelets. 

Week 6

09.12.22- SCIENCE

As our circulatory system topic draws to an end, we completed our learning by investigating our hypothesis: Children with lower resting heart rates will have lower heart rates after exercise. We wrote predictions before completing a 100m sprint to gather our data. Using scatter graphs, we noticed a small positive correlation between the two variables.

Week 7


Wow- what a jam-packed, successful term we have had in Y6! Miss Milnes has been so proud of how hard this class have worked, so it only seemed right to celebrate our success with a mocktail party! Delicious mocktails, Christmas dinner and a competitive pub quiz are all the perfect way to sign off our Autumn term. Well done Year 6- Miss Milnes can't wait for the fun to continue during Spring term!

IMG_3002 (2).jpg


We always love our annual trip to Crucial Crew. The day offers such an eye-opening and immersive insight into road, fire and water safety as well as a look at knife crime, criminal exploitation and the magistrates court. We had lots of reflective chatter on our coach ride home, and we were so proud of how our Y6s represented St Joseph's.