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Year 6 - Miss Milnes





Week 1

18.04.23- MUSIC

While some of us finished our Faith In Action work, the rest of the class spent the afternoon revising our musical vocabulary. Using 'tea' for crotchets, 'coffee' for quavers and 'coca cola' for semi-quavers, we created our own drinks orders for our partners. We then used the percussion instruments to work on our 4/4 timings, creating class rounds with different timbres and beats.


Uh Oh! The dreaded 'S' word is fast approaching in Year 6, so we are keeping our afternoons as relaxed as possible- paying particular attention to wellbeing and mindfulness. Our Forest School activities today certainly kept us all feeling calm and, after all the incredible hard word we have been putting in during Spring term, it was about time we were able to enjoy some quality outdoor time with our friends.

Week 2


The race is on! Today, we completed a revision relay race; we had to accurately complete an entire SPaG paper together, against our rival teams. Each child completed a question and ensured their answer was accurate before running back to their team and swapping with a new player. It was a very close game!


Sheffield United midfielder, Bex Rayner, came to chat to our school today about how she became a footballer! We watched videos of her goals, witnessed some of her ball skills and listened to her presentation about the importance of physical activity and healthy eating on sporting success. Later, we completed a fitness workshop with her. One of our very talented female footballers (who recently scored 2 goals at our Brian Hyde cup final) was hugely inspired by Bex's visit. 

Week 4


Wahoo!!! SATs are over! Miss Milnes could not be more proud of this wonderful bunch of children for their resilience and determination throughout the week. We certainly deserved our traditional post-SATs water fight; even the clouds did not stop us from having a fabulous Friday afternoon. Well done Y6- you are all amazing!

Week 5

19.05.23- NEW TOPIC: MAAFA

This week, we have begun our new historical topic, Maafa. We have been discussing the rich, complex geography of Africa and have started our own independent research into the topography of an African country. On top of this, we have also produced some stunning African safari artwork and traditional tribal masks in order to create a display. 

Week 6

25.05.23- ART

We have taken time to revise some of our artistic knowledge this week- particularly recapping the differences between tints, tones and shades. We discussed how some of the most famous artists incorporated tints, tones and shades within their work in order to create contrasting effects. Choosing a piece of landscape art to study independently, we identified as many hues as we could before having a go at replicating the artists' choices in a colour wheel.

26.05.23- SCIENCE

Lumos!! We've had so much fun making Harry Potter wands today, complete with wired series circuits. We used coin cell batteries to power our LEDs, and the switch allowed us to practise our wand-lighting charms like Mr Potter himself! This was such a fiddly job but we love getting stuck in to some practical science activities. 

Week 7


Our first day back of Summer 2 saw us taking a stroll to our local library. We had a lovely afternoon which involved book scavenger hunts, library-based quizzes, and a fantastic code-breaking activity. This was all before being able to choose our own library book. Lots of us left with plans to sign up for a library card ahead of our transition to secondary school.

09.06.23- MUSIC

Since we have a class full of Harry Potter fans, we have also been learning 'Hedwig's Theme' on the glockenspiels. We have been familiarising ourselves with the notes and particularly discussing how they differ from sharps. A couple of us were happy to share our performances after just one lesson!

Week 8

13.06.23- ART

We've been sketching our landscapes in the sunshine today. We've incorporated our knowledge of tints, tones and shades to create pencil drawings followed by watercolour paintings. 


To cool down after a very hot week, we've enjoyed some ice lollies as a Friday treat!

Week 9

20.06.23- BAKING DAY

Today, Miss Milnes' mum, who runs a cake-making business, came to teach us some tips and tricks on how to make the perfect cookies and brownies. We held a class bake-off, with the winning team taking home their very own 'Star Baker' spoon; although, every team were winners as they got to enjoy their delicious bakes!

23.06.23- MAKE £5 GROW

Over the last few weeks, Year 6 have been focusing on money sense in maths. Working with Virgin Money, we were given £5 each, and have worked in groups to create a business in order to generate as much profit as possible. Today, at our school summer fayre, we had photo booths, drinks, biscuits, car washing and homemade slime all on offer. Overall, we made a fantastic profit of £139!! This will go towards our secret leavers surprise next week!

Week 10


Well, the time has come for half of us to say goodbye to St Joseph's. What a year it has been! After many tears and goodbye hugs, it was so lovely to spend the day enjoying ourselves with a mocktail party, Y6 awards ceremony and finally, our secret surprise, a leavers prom! Miss Milnes cannot thank this wonderful bunch of children enough for their hard work, impeccable manners and hearts of gold. You have made the most of your experience at primary school, and we will never forget the impact you have had on St Joseph's. We wish you all the best at secondary school- be bright, be bold, be YOU!