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Year 3 - Miss Grant



Click on the image to download the knowledge organiser for Through the Ages.

Click on the image to download the knowledge organiser for Our Planet Our World.

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Click on the image to download the knowledge organiser for Prehistoric Pots.

Click on the image to download the knowledge organiser for Animal Nutrition and the Skeletal System.

Autumn 1

This week in Year 3 we have been learning all about pre-historic pots in Art. As a class, we discussed examples of Bell Beaker pottery. We looked closely at the form, shape and use of patterns. We then looked at some Bell Beaker pottery cards and and selected aspects of the pots that we thought would be interesting to sketch. Then, we annotated our sketches with observations about shape, pattern and form.

This week in Year 3 we have been writing our innovation in English, based upon our class book Lost in the Toy museum. As a class, we discussed ideas for our writing and came up with a new story. We worked on writing each paragraph of the story using stimulus to help us write.

In Year 3 during computing, we introduced the word ‘network’ and discussed what we thought it means. As a class we found out that the people we are connected to also have connections with each other, which creates a ‘net’ of lines. To demonstrate their learning, the class would become a network. The class was given some squares and they will write a message to someone on a different table than their own. The class were told they going to become parts of the network passing these messages around but because networks cannot walk, they needed to stay seated. Then, the class passed one message at a time, from one person to the next, checking each time who the message is going to and then sending it roughly in that direction. As a class, we discussed what went well and how we could improve sending the messages, we discovered we needed an extra person to help send the messages and discovered this was called a switch.

In Year 3 we learnt about one of the most famous discoveries of an Bronze age, the Amesbury Archer. The class became archaeologists on their way to look a newly discovered grave. Once the class discovered the contents of the grave, they needed to accurately pass the information on to other people. The class had to find out what was inside the Amesbury Archer's grave and catalogue the information ready for others. As a class, we discussed why the Amesbury Archer's grave was useful as a source of information. 


Autumn 2

Today in year 3 an expert from the Rotherham Library Service came in to talk to us about the Stone Age, which links with our current topic of Through the Ages. The service was able to show us lots of Stone Age tools, weapons and pottery and discussed what they were made of, how they were used and what they were used for. The class was able to deepen their understanding and ask some meaningful and interesting questions.

During this week's RE lesson the children learned about a different religion, Hinduism. We specifically looked at Mandir’s and places of worship. We discussed what might happen in a Mandir, how they are different and what they look like inside. We learnt that Mandir’s have lot’s of tall towers to be able to be close to Brahma. As a class, we worked together making and designing 3D shape nets to act as our towers.

For anti-bullying week the class designed pairs of odd socks to symbolise that we are all different and that children should be themselves, accepting of one another and celebrate difference.

This week year 3 had a visit Ann Foxley-Johnson from the anti-bullying company about anti-bullying. They discussed what bullying is, how to deal with bullying and cyberbullying. Parents also joined us for an anti-bullying workshop. Ann Foxley-Johnson set year 3 a challenge to create some posters about Y3 – Verbal Bullying – What is it and what should we do?

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