Special Educational Needs at St Joseph's

Provision For Special Educational Needs

Just under 40% of our pupils are on the special needs register, which is higher than the national average. Most children are on the early stages of the register, meaning that they have experienced some difficulties with keeping up and their problems have been identified and addressed. Very few pupils in our school have Health and Care Plans, but those that have one receive extra support inside and outside the classroom.

A number of pupils benefit from the Local Authority's Learning Support Initiative. All children on the register have work matched to them in class, and some have an individual education plan (IEP) with achievable targets. These are reviewed at regular intervals. Some children may be placed on the register if they experience emotional and behavioural difficulties which affect their progress and that of other pupils. They too receive special care and attention, including an IEP.

A member of staff is designated Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo). The teacher is responsible for coordinating information, progress review meetings with parents and help from specialist colleagues. The SENCO also has the responsibility of co-ordinating the work of teaching assistants (TAs). It is the responsibility of the class teacher to draw on such expertise.

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCO)

Our school SENDCO is Mrs Anna Smith (Maternity Leave).

Our acting school SENDCO is Mrs Chantelle Tordoff.

If your child has special needs please do feel free to speak with the Head, class teacher or SENCo. We see our teaching of pupils with special needs very much as a joint effort and we rely on a close working relationship with parents.

Advice and Support for Parents

At Rawmarsh St Joseph's we welcome open and honest discussions with parents about their child's specific needs and offer advice and support wherever we can. However, Rotherham has a variety of services and resources to help parents find the right information for them. Please click on the links below to find a service that's right for you and your child.

Rotherham's SEND Local Offer Website

Here you will find help, advice and information about the services available for your child or young person from birth to 25 years with a Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND).

It is part of Rotherham’s graduated response to special educational need and disability.

Rotherham's Parent Carer Forum

A registered charity run by and for families of children and young people (aged 0-25) who have Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND)

We work in partnership with service commissioners and providers, sharing knowledge and experience of families to help plan and develop the quality, range and accessibility of provision, creating better outcomes for families through participation and co-production.

Rotherham SENDIASS

Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service

Rotherham SENDIASS is the new name for Rotherham Parent Partnership. We can offer you impartial information, advice and support on matters relating to special educational needs and disabilities. if you are:

  • a parent or carer for a child or young person up to age 25 with special educational needs or disabilities

  • a child up to age 16 who has special educational needs or disabilities

  • a young person aged 16–25 who has special educational needs or disabilities.

Early Help

All families go through trying times at some point. Early Help staff will work with you at these times so that small problems don’t get bigger. We work with children, young people and families to offer support and advice when it’s most needed. We can work with you in your local area at one of our centres or even in your home.

We can help you:

  • if you are worried about a child’s health, development or behaviour

  • if you are a child carer or young person looking to find training or further education

  • if you are a child carer or young person looking for advice on employment or benefits+C8