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Spanish Day
June 2023


Hola! What a brilliant Spanish day we had this year! We started the day in assembly by travelling by plane 1440km to Spain’s capital of Madrid! After listening to and appreciating some classic Spanish guitar by John Williams (and a quick boogie to Black Lace’s Y Viva España) the children headed back to their classroom to start their carousel of activities.

The classes visited every classroom throughout the day and learnt something new and exciting with each teacher. When they visited Year 1, Señora Wardman played number games in Spanish and Senor Searson taught the classes the colours in Spanish and did some artwork with them. In year 3, Señora Cadman sampled Spanish food with the children and learnt about Spanish culture including Flamenco and bullfighting. Senor Winson helped all the classes learn Spanish greetings and hold a conversation with each other and finally Señorita Casey worked with the children looking at the geography of Spanish speaking countries around the world and also identify some of the major cities in Spain.

FS2 and year 6 had a special time celebrating Spanish day together! They tried Spanish food, learnt numbers 1 – 5 in Spanish and then some colours so that they could create their own Spanish flag. They even learnt the meaning of the crest on the Spanish flag!

Such a busy, but wonderful day!

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