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Year 6 - Miss Milnes

Britain At War

Light Theory

The Circulatory System

Tints, Tones and Shades


Week 1 and 2- 05.09.23- 15.09.23

We are back and jumping straight into our first writing unit: spooky suspense! After many of us had spent our holidays lounging at the beach, we were shocked to hear about this week's breaking news: Skegness has been plunged into darkness?! As we begin our imitation phase, we are spending time familiarising ourselves with the unit's model text which is based on our core story, Malamander. Perhaps that mysterious sea monster has something to do with Skegness' peculiar new appearance...

Our first art topic is all about tints, tones and shades. We practised mixing all three, before applying them to very simple landscapes. We noticed how shades are often used to emphasise shadows on the ground, whereas tints can highlight light. 

It's innovation time, and we have watched Alma, a video all about a girl who sees a doll that looks suspiciously like her in a shop window. Speaking of dolls, one has appeared in our classroom! Most peculiarly, it looks exactly like Miss Milnes... 

Week 3 and 4- 18.09.23- 29.09.23

We've been reading non-fiction this week, so have been working on improving our fluency when reading informative texts. After watching a video of David Starkey, we practised our best 'historian voices'. Have a look at some of our fantastic performances!

In our Britain At War topic, we have been investigating why soldiers volunteered to fight in WWI. Today, we looked at a variety of propaganda posters, and categorised them into 4 different manipulative strategies employed by the government: patriotism, shame, adventure and peer pressure. 

In maths, we have been finishing up our place value unit. Using Numicon really helped us to visualise how negative numbers mirror positive numbers. 

Week 4 has started with a science experiment; we've been investigating how light travels. We began with an enquiry question: Can light travel around corners? After building a lego maze, we noticed that the torch light did not reach the centre. Together, we discussed what equipment we could use to allow the light to reach around corners: by using mirrors! From this investigation, we concluded that light must travel in straight lines.

One of our local secondary schools invited us up to experience a day of secondary school lessons. We wrote our own poems in English, learnt all about Saint Pius X in RE, and discussed probability and chance in maths. It was brilliant to see the different opportunities that await us at secondary school next year. 

Week 5 and 6- 02.10.23-13.10.23

What colour is light? Did you know that white light is a mixture of all the colours in the electromagnetic spectrum? Our Year 6s will be able to confidently explain why this rainbow wheel turns white when it is spun as quickly as possible- ask them all about it!

In Charanga, we have been learning the song, Happy, so, in keeping with such a cheerful theme, we learnt You are My Sunshine on the glockenspiel this week! Our ukulele lessons last year really helped us to recognise some of the notes.

Week 7- 16.10.23

We've been using the PE cones to play our very own life-size version of air hockey! This tested our balance, aim, reaction times, and was also a lot of fun!

Here are just two examples of our school displays which proudly showcase our phenomenal work throughout the past half term. We've become WWI historians, creating blackout poetry, propaganda posters and writing poignant letters from the trenches. The quality of our suspense work has also blown Miss Milnes away. Each child has used their suspense toolkit thoughtfully, and the flair of each individual author is starting to appear within their writing. What an amazing first term we have had!

IMG_0198 (2).jpg

Toffee apples to celebrate the end of Autumn 1!

Week 1 and 2- 30.10.23-10.11.23

Every year, we love our trip to Crucial Crew. It is both interactive and informative, and reminds us just how important it is to stay safe and act responsibly. Our Year 6 class did Miss Milnes proud, engaging with the discussion with so much maturity and confidence. Well done Year 6- a great start to Autumn 2!

In preparation for our upcoming residential and as part of the Y6 privileges, we held a class sleepover in school this Friday! We had a pamper session, played some midnight football, baked some rocky road and had a pyjama boogie session. This was all before very minimal sleep... good job it's a weekend!!

Hepp DT came in to help us make our very own Spitfire Planes which we are soon to learn about in our 'Britain At War' topic. Using G-clamps, junior hacksaws and even a power drill, we became experts at woodwork. Not only were we able to create our own wing designs, but we also added axles and moveable propellers to make our planes as authentic as possible. Look at our superb final products!