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Year 4 - Mrs  Wardman


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Click on the images to download the knowledge organiser for our learning this term.


We are learning how to write dialogue in Year 4.  We found a clip of Marln and Dory from Finding Nemo and looked at the conventions of writing speech down.

Then we found a new clip from the film and began practicing writing our own dialogue using inverted commas to show that a character is speaking.

We will show you some of our finished pieces later in the term...

We enjoyed blowing bubbles like fish.  We tried to speak the dialogue into the bubbles.  Dialogue is a bit like bubbles.  We used bubbles and wrote a piece of speech inside it and then popped the bubble before using punctuation to create dialogue.

Forest School

We used sticks found in our forest area to create God's eyes.  Some times the sticks were big, others small but we looked for straight sticks to ensure that our weaving made a square-ish pattern.  

Geographical skills

We have learnt some geographical skills ready for our Geography topic about mountains and rivers.


We know how to find a 4-digit grid reference


We know how to use maps to find features of the landscape, such as mountains and rivers.


We thought about the difference in temperatures around the world and what affect this has on the world.


We used google maps to investigate rivers in the UK and around the world.

Mountains and rivers

Our main topic this term is a Geography one centered around mountains and rivers.  We already knew quite a few names of mountains around the world but not many rivers.  We have been learning what a river is, sources of rivers, the journey of a river (its three courses) and words relating to water features.


Sorting and classifying

We are very good at being scientists as we can sort and classify living and non-living things.  

We know that classification can be carried out as a single-step, multi-step or serial order.  Did you know that the Guess Who? Game uses the questioning skills that scientists use in their classification process?  Scientists use Yes / No questions to sort groups of living and non-living things into smaller and smaller groups.  We practiced using a classification tree and then we tried making one of our own using the class water bottles. Mrs Wardman thinks we are all amazing at sorting and classifying and should all be scientists when we grown up!


I wonder if a scientist invented Guess Who?

We can use a classification tree to find the names of animals.

We can create a single-stage classification diagram using images.

We can make a multi-stage classification tree by asking questions of our class water bottles.

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