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Year 6 - Miss Milnes

Our Changing World

Frozen Kingdoms

The Circulatory System

Evolution and Inheritance



Week 1 and 2 08.01.24-19.01.24

We made our very own 'blood smoothies' today! Each ingredient helped us to learn all about the different components of blood. We started with pineapple juice, representing plasma- 55% of our blood! Then, we added raspberries (and red food colouring) to represent red blood cells. A couple of white marshmallows became our white blood cells, followed by a sprinkling of platelets (or hundreds and thousands). Delicious!

There's a definite muggle theme in the classroom at the minute: we've been reading chapters from The Philosopher's Stone in our reading lessons, writing Diagon Alley innovations in English, and performing Hedwig's Theme on the glockenspiels. Have a look at some of our performances!

We were visited by Anne Foxley-Johnson who discussed the difference between banter and bullying. As a class, we analysed certain scenarios and decided whether we would class them as light-hearted fun, or examples of 'crossing the line'. We decided that banter is only banter if both parties are laughing, and is not funny if somebody asks you to stop. 

Week 3 and 4 22.01.24-02.02.24

Our study of Inuit art continues; today, we have been using soap to replicate traditional Inuit soapstone carvings. We took inspiration from artists such as David Ruben Piqtoukun and Lucy Tasseor Tutsweetak, and attempted to carve our own arctic animal using soap. First, we practised drawing a simple outline in our sketchbook to become familiar with the shape of each animal. Then it was time to carve. The challenge of this activity really put into perspective the artists' talent- it was very difficult to create such accurate representations using only one material! We had lots of fun, and the classroom smelt beautiful as a result!

Our writing unit this term has taken us on an imaginary shopping trip! We started our imitation phase looking at The Nowhere Emporium, before creating whole-class innovations on Harry Potter's Diagon Alley. Finally, to apply all of our descriptive learning, we created our own magical shops with some fantastically creative themes. After typing up our masterpieces, we inputted them into an AI generator to see how successful our descriptions were. Sit back and have a read of some of our incredible compositions below!

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