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Year 3 - Mrs Cadman


Rocks, Relics and Rumbles              Ammonite                 Forces and Magnets 

Spring Term 

RE Come and See 

Our new come and see topic is ‘Journeys’. On the 6th January, we celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany. We looked at the journey the three wise men made to Bethlehem and the significance of the gifts they brought for Jesus. We marked this special event in the Church calendar by making Epiphany posters that we shared in assembly.

MFL Spanish 

Hola klasa 3!

We learned how to say our vowels (las vocales) in Spanish We had a lot of fun praticing them with our partner. Can you say ‘Fe Fi Fo Fum’ in Spanish?


A as in hat

E as in pet

I as in feet

O as in clock

U as in noodle

Science - Feel the force

We are learning about forces in science. We did an investigation looking into whether objects move if pushed or pulled. We learned that some forces are visible, like when we move an object with our hand, while others, such as magnetism, are invisible forces.

PE - Forces in our bodies

Continuing our science theme, we looked at how we can feel invisible forces at work on our bodies. We practiced throwing and catching a ball. What caused the initial force? What created a counter force? How did gravity affect the ball’s movement? We also looked at running and hopping. Which is easier? Why? Why does gravity affect the fluency of our movements more when we hop?

Ammonites in Forest School

We looked at the twisting repeated pattern of an ammonite fossil. We looked in our Forest school area for natural materials that have repeating patterns. We collected interesting foliage and brought it into the classroom to create our ammonite-inspired art. The results were amazing!

Forces Venn diagrams

Using a variety of pictures, we decided whether a push or pull force was at work. Does the dog push or pull the owner when walking on a lead? Does the boy push or pull the football when kicking? The children maturely discussed their reasoning in groups of 4 and successfully sorted the images using a Venn diagram.

South Yorkshire Fire Brigade visit

On the 14th March the South Yorkshire Fire Brigade visited our class to teach us all about fire safety in the home. We learnt about the different dangers and what to do to prevent these or if we were faced in a situation how to stop, drop and roll. 

Kassim and the Greedy Dragon

In English we came across an interesting object which was our hook into the text Kassim and the Greedy Dragon. We were all very curious and wanted to find out more! We then based our own warning stories on this model text.

In our Forest School session we were creative and used natural materials to make our own greedy dragon.

Magnetism investigation

In Science we completed an investigation to explore magnetism. We tested several materials and recorded our results in a table.

Mothering Sunday

In Art we sketched flowers to use as card designs. We also enjoyed choosing presents provided by our PTA to have wrapped ready to give our special loved ones on Mothering Sunday.

The Lord Has Risen!

In Forest School we created Jesus and used natural materials to create scenes from the Easter story.


In Art and Design we looked at various ammonites and designed our own. We planned and sketched first then we created them using clay and different tools. They were then baked and we mixed various colours to create natural earthy tones. After painting them they were varnished to create our finished product which we were very proud of.

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