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At St Joseph’s we intend for our children to be confident individuals who live healthy and active lives.  A positive experience of Sport and Physical Education at a young age can help build a lifetime of healthy habits and participation in sports. Physical activity has numerous benefits for children and young people, including physical health and mental wellbeing. It helps to increase self-esteem and emotional wellbeing as well as lowering anxiety and depression. Children who take part in physical activity are happier, more resilient and more trusting of their peers, it also improves behaviour and enhances academic achievement.




The Sport and Physical Education curriculum is covered through the implementation of Real PE where children develop the knowledge and skills necessary for social, emotional and physical wellbeing. We aim to deliver high quality teaching and learning opportunities that inspire all children to succeed in physical activities. Pupils at St Joseph’s participate in weekly PE and sporting activities. PE is further supplemented with after school clubs delivered by our Sports Leader.




The impact of our Sport and Physical Education curriculum is that our children receive a broad and balanced PE curriculum regardless of year group or ability. Every child accesses all the key areas of the subject on offer at our school. We follow the Real PE programme which has clear progression of skills and knowledge that cover the curriculum offer to ensure that all children access PE at an age appropriate level. Competitions ensure our children can take part in a range of sports both in and outside of school whether that be at a competitive or non-competitive level.  

Sports Premium Impact Report 21 - 22

Sports Premium Impact Report 22 - 23

Tag Rugby Event Oct 2023

We are super proud of some of our Y5\6 children this week who took part in the Rotherham School Games Tag Rugby  event. This was a series of skills and drills and children showed determination, perseverance and took part in several matches against other Rotherham schools. Well done everyone, we are super proud of you all!

Quad Kids Event May 2023

We are super proud of some of our Y3\4 children this week who took part in the Rotherham School Games Quad kids event. This was a series of four different athletic events and the theme of the day was determination! They certainly were and tried their best in all of the events. Well done to them all for showing perseverance and overcoming new challenges! 

Gymnastics April 2023

A big well done to some of our Y3/4 children who took part in a gymnastic session this morning. They showed incredible willingness to try new events even if they felt unsure and unable to do what had been asked they never gave up and showed that our school has drive and ambition. In the words of some of the children #nevergiveup

Sports for Champions Visit April 2023

We had a very special visit from Bex Raynor. Bex led a whole school assembly showing true inspiration and encouraging the children to never give up and always follow their dreams. She then led workshops with each class and we raised just over £800 to support upcoming athletes and to buy some new sporting equipment or kit for competitions. 

Brian Hyde Football Cup March 2023

They’ve done it!!! Y4, 5 and 6 CHAMPIONS!4-1!!! 🏆🥇🙌
We are as proud as punch of you all- you have made St Joseph’s history! What can we say about these amazing children. They’ve shown a great deal of determination, teamwork and dedication to each other! They’re now the local football champions - the first time St Joseph’s have won this trophy in the competition’s 100 years! Amazing!


Girls Football  March 2023

A huge well done to our KS2 Girls football team who have taken part in the Don & Dearne cup to raise the profile on girls participation in football and sport. We have some very talented and skilled players #thisgirlcan

Sportshall Athletics February 2023

Here are our amazing Year 5 and Year 6 pupils who took part in an athletics competition this week against other schools in Rotherham through School Games. The focus of the competition was determination and each one of our pupils demonstrated this. They supported each other as a team and tried their very best. We are so proud of them all, well done!

Dodgeball February 2023

Well done to our Y5/6 Pupils who took part in the School Games Dodgeball tournament. Everyone who took part showed enthusiasm, good sportsman ship and worked together as a team. We had a great time meeting players from other schools and this was a great way to take part in physical exercise!

Boccia February 2023

Here are our Year 3 and 4 team ready for the Boccia School Games competition this afternoon representing our school. We did not win the award but we were awarded the award for 'self belief'. Boccia is  game where the aim is to get closer to the jack than your opponent. The jack ball is white and is thrown first then one side has six red balls and the other has six blue balls. The balls are leather containing plastic granules so they don't bounce but will still roll. The side whose ball is not closest to the jack throws until they get a ball closest or until they run out of balls. Once all the balls have been thrown one side receives points for every ball they have closer to the jack than their opponents closest ball.

Performing Arts Showcase July 2022

Our talented Mrs Holden hosted an afterschool club for children from Y1-Y6. They have worked incredibly hard over the year to put together a showcase of singing, dancing and top-class performing. As well as the physical benefits of dancing, children learnt valuable life skills including showing resilience, having empathy and growing in confidence and self belief to perform to audiences of friends and family. They showcase was fantastic! 

Bikeability 20-22nd June

Children in Year 5 and 6 had the opportunity to up-level their cycling proficiency through an intense course in school. The children learnt how to navigate cycling on the road, exit junctions and overtake parked cars. Such valuable life skills were learnt and the children were incredibly proud of their achievements. 

Sports Day 15.06.22

It was an energetic afternoon for sure! Children from Foundation to Year 6 took part in circuits of skills including hockey dribble, javelin and basketball shoot out as well as year groups races where children competed for the first place medal. Everyone was in great spirits, cheering one another on and celebrating success. 


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