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Year 1 - Miss Sausby

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Click on the image to download the knowledge organiser for Bright Lights Big City.

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Click on the image to download the knowledge organiser for Rain and Sunrays.

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Click on the image to download the knowledge organiser for Seasonal Changes.

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Click on the image to download the knowledge organiser for Street View.

Spring 1

Maths - Place Value (within 20)

Recently in Year 1, we began our new maths topic looking at numbers to twenty. As we started this learning we considered the ways we could represent 20. To do this we used practical manipulatives, number cards and word cards.

Art - Transient Art and Collagraphy

This half term in art we have applied our knowledge of the seasons and weather to create pieces of art. First, we learnt about transient art; transient art is where natural materials such as sticks, stones and feathers are placed to create a motif. We used materials with various textures when we created our weather motifs.

We also created weather motifs using the medium of collagraphy. We first discussed which weather we would print, then created a collagraph and final produce our prints.

Design and Technology - London Buses

Recently in Year 1 we made our very own London buses! We began by designing our bus, considering what colours and features it would have. After this we began making the bus. First we sanded the edges of our wood and then we painted the body of the bus. We cut dowel using a junior hacksaw. We used this dowel to make a 'wheel and axle' mechanism so our wheels would turn. We then used a bench drill to create hole for the dowel to go through. Finally, we decorated our buses and then tested them out! This was a fun, engaging and memorable project in Year 1 and, as you can see from the photos, the children are very proud of their work!

Our Reading Scrapbook!

This term, across school every class has been given a reading scrapbook. In here we celebrate our love for reading by reviewing some of our favourite books. Take a look at some of our amazing entries so far...

Geography - A walk around our local area

As part of our learning in Geography, we have been learning about different types of settlements. We have been identifying typical human and physical geographical features present in cities. Recently, we went on a walk in our local area to identify features in our locality.

We saw human features such as shops, roads and even a war memorial. Along the walk we also saw physical features such as trees and hills. The children had a great time applying their geographical knowledge and making comparisons.

World Book Day

In the lead up to World Book Day, the children of Year 1 decorated our door focussed on a book. Our book was Winnie the Pooh, and everyone worked together to make our fantastic door display! On World Book Day, we enjoyed dressing up, sharing stories and completing book-related activities.

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