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Year 3 - Miss Grant


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Rocks, Relics and Rumbles


Forces and Magnets



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People and Places


This week in Year 3 we looked at different types of rocks, Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic. We looked the different properties of each rock such as whether they were hard or soft or impermeable or permeable. In groups, we looked at different rocks and identified which type of rock they were based on their properties. We used pipettes to test whether a rock was permeable or impermeable and used sandpaper to test if a rock was hard or soft. We recorded our results in a table.

At the beginning of the day, the class re-capped the terms ‘machine’ and ‘mechanism’ from previous learning and revisit the names of different mechanisms, including sliders, levers, linkages, axles and wheels. The class were then asked to give examples of machines, describe what work they do, the movement they create and their benefits.
The class then learned what a cam mechanism is and that cam mechanisms can change a rotational movement into an up and down movement. The children then worked in pairs to make a cam mechanism. Using their knowledge cam mechanisms, the class then were asked to make a child's automaton toy. The class were given the design criteria with the children and were encouraged to add some of their own. The children were encouraged to explore their ideas, making notes and drawing sketches to record their thinking. The children discussed their ideas, ask and answer questions and to choose one design to make. The class shared their automaton toys with others, demonstrating and explaining how the cam mechanism works. After creating the toys, the class evaluated the success of each other’s designs, how closely they fit the design criteria and identify areas for improvement. 

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